About Us

TermLife.com has a 30-year track record of customer satisfaction. With our unique technology, we have earned their trust by giving them what they want – the right choices and affordable prices.

Our term life insurance policies meet a variety of consumer needs:

  • Instant life insurance policies that do not require medical examinations.
  • Fully underwritten life insurance programs with competitive quotes.
  • Policies for those who may not otherwise qualify for life insurance
  • Estate Planning to protect your assets from the Taxman
  • Annuities, both fixed and variable, for investments and growth.

Much of TermLife.com’s success comes from partnering with highly-rated, financially-sound insurance companies that share our commitment to customer service.

As a TermLife.com customer, you must be satisfied. That’s our guarantee.
TermLife.com’s principal agent, Allan Gersten, is licensed in all 50 states.


  • My advisor at termlife.com assisted me in layering a combination of policies and provided worthwhile suggestions for distribution of the proceeds.

    Laura R.
    Washington, D.C.
  • I have found the people at termlife to be prompt, responsive and totally objective.

    Ethan R.
    Lincoln, MA
  • My contact at the company advises me as to the various insurance company offerings and their guidelines for approval. I have relied on him repeatedly for accurate answers, constructive thoughts and direction.

    Michael S.
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • My partner referred me to these folks to see what pricing was appropriate for my key person insurance policy. They listened to the facts and details of my medical history. We were able to save 60% from the offer secured by my former insurance agent.

    Peter A
    Los Altos, CA
  • I consider termlife.com to be a valuable, dependable and thorough resource. They were able to help me to find the lowest cost plan available. Two years later, they were able to improve on the pricing of that same plan when I was able to present new health information to the insurance company.

    Mark J
    New Orleans, LA