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Real Life Stories

Hear the stories of how life insurance has played a key role with our clients. 

Ann Reynolds

Insurance Brings Freedom

When Ann Reynolds’ husband, Mark, died in 2003, he left behind what seemed like a modest life insurance benefit. But it has made a world of difference in Ann’s life. Once an energetic human resources executive who power-walked five miles a day, Ann, 53, is confined to a wheel chair because of a degenerative back condition. Unable to work, she relies on a disability insurance policy she bought through her employer and Social Security payments, which together just manage to meet her living expenses. That’s where Mark’s life insurance benefit comes in.

Connie Hobson

Insurance Preserves a Family\'s Way of Life

Bill Hobson had always been active. He met his wife, Connie, at a softball game in 1986 when she went to watch a friend play, but ended up watching Bill instead. When Bill developed a weakness in his right hand in 2003, he and Connie thought it was a judo injury. It wasn’t, and his doctors delivered the devastating diagnosis: Lou Gehrig’s disease. Bill continued to work for several more years as a product demonstration specialist at AT&T, but eventually had to retire.

Dan Claus

Insurance allows Dad to be a Dad

Peggy and Dan Claus always managed to make the best out of challenging situations. They found their first house, an abandoned century-old Victorian, in the path of a new highway. They paid to have it moved six miles away to a new lot, and with extensive renovations it became their dream home. When Peggy lost her job as a computer support specialist at a local bank, she started her own consulting firm and it quickly became a more rewarding career.