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Empty Nesters: Reinvesting in Me

Ambitions and Activities
You may be:

  • Preparing for retirement
  • Exploring personal interests such as travel or hobbies
  • Planning business succession and wealth transfer strategies
  • Involved in philanthropy
  • Looking for ways to save for children’s weddings or grandchildren’s college
  • Considering relocating or purchasing a second home

Anxieties and Hurdles
You might:

  • Not have enough saved for retirement
  • Don’t think life insurance is necessary at your age
  • Need to care for aging parents
  • Worry about the rising cost of living and an uncertain economy

What You Need
We help you:

  • Understand how life insurance can help protect your family
  • Identify your future needs
  • Enhance your existing plan to meet retirement goals

Life Insurance Solutions
You may benefit from:

    You get affordable, straightforward coverage with the possibility to convert to permanent life insurance down the road.
    Permanent life insurance products can offer affordability, cash accumulation, and flexibility for the future. Look for flexible options such as an adjustable death benefit and premium payments.
    You can help protect loved ones with permanent life insurance and take advantage of stronger cash accumulation potential.
    Policies can help offer protection if you want to shield your beneficiaries from an uncertain tax environment, evenly divide inheritances among children, or leave money to your favorite charities.